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We’re sad to announce that we are closed to new intakes. Despite our efforts, the Ranch has not been able to get the cats we’ve saved over the last few years adopted as quickly as they’ve come through the doors. This includes several long-term residents and senior kitties that we hoped would eventually find homes. But they have not.

We have recently taken on a lot of large expenses. Vet expenses, trapping expenses, and capital expenses—including the urgent need to install a new cat fence to keep our kitties safe. This fence will cost the rescue $15,000. We are not a big rescue, nor are we a large shelter with an endowment. For the first time, we will have to borrow.

Because of these things we’ll be shifting our priorities in the immediate future to finding homes for the cats already at the Ranch. As much as we’d like to think of the Ranch as a home, it’s not. It’s not a home, and it’s not a sanctuary. The care our kitties currently receive is more custodial. We don’t have the staff to really spend quality one-on-one time with each kitty every day. Some of our kitties want more attention than what they’re receiving, and others are unhappy here because they aren’t fans of the other cats.

Our goal has always been to “save more cats.” But while we have saved hundreds over the years, we’ve come to see that saving them only to have them stay here while the years pass them by is not fair to them. We want to see them happy, in homes of their own--homes where they are spoiled and loved instead of competing for one-on-one attention with other lonely kitties.

We need adopters. We need fosters. We need barn homes. We need help networking our kitties. And we need donations. We will be starting a series this week detailing how you can help us help our kitties. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

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