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About Us

New Hope Rescue Ranch was founded in the beginning of 2013.  The goal has always been to help save more cats, and we do that both alone and in conjunction with other independent rescuers and rescue organizations.  After cats have completed a quarantine period to ensure they are not contagious, they are allowed to mingle indoors, cage-free, with other cats and to enjoy the outdoors (if they so desire) in a ½ acre enclosure surrounded by a “cat fence” to keep them safe.  We serve a diverse feline population ranging from semi-ferals who never set a paw indoors, to temporary fosters, to rescued adoptables and un-adoptables (including some “fospice” and special-needs cats).



Adopt a cat for your family:

  • to save a life

  • to bring love into your home

  • to provide companionship

  • to feel unconditional love

  • to teach your children respect for all living things

  • to cultivate responsibility in your children

We will always take our cats back if they prove not to be a good fit for your family.

Animal Rescue and Care

We try and step up for stray and abandoned cats and get them the vetting they need.  Once they are healed we work to place them into loving homes.

Make a Donation

Help reduce the suffering of a sick or injured cat by contributing to our vet fund. Everyday there are pleas for cats like Charlotte. Charlotte was hit by car. Her owner did not take her to the vet. Our vet repaired her herniated diaphragm and ultimately saved her life. Charlotte is paralyzed in her back legs but still moves around with speed and agility. Her disability does not keep her from being a regular cat, and she is quite happy here at the Ranch. 

No amount is too large ;).  We are 501 (c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible.

Partner with Us

Keep a cat off the street through sponsorship (it generally costs $250 per year to care for a cat).

Become a monthly donor.  Rescue never takes a break.

Volunteer Your Time

Give of your time to help cats. 

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