Team Rescue

None of us knew exactly what we were doing or what we were getting into when we first stumbled upon the the "world of rescue".  Each of us found the Facebook page Pets on Death Row (PODR), and we were changed and prompted to act.

It was painful to watch night after night as animals were posted that would be destroyed the next day.  Each night, rescues would attempt to pull and save animals from certain death, and the pleas on PODR asked for pledges, adopters, and fosters.  One night I did more than pledge - I called Kathryn Willis at Anjellicle Cat Rescue and asked to become a foster.  As I became involved, I saw that while rescues needed long term fosters, short term fosters were also vital for adopters who could not get to the shelter within the forty eight hours required after a rescue had pulled.  Rescues required help when they had no place to put an animal until foster space opened up.

Temporary Cat Fostering or "Cat Temps" was born when such a need arose for Claire, a beautiful, petite, black cat.  I realized that short term fostering was a niche I could attempt to develop and fill.  Now our focus at New Hope Rescue Ranch/Temporary Cat Fostering is to build a vast network of Cat Temps both to help rescues save more cats and to help people keep from having to turn their cats over to a kill shelter in the first place.  New Hope Rescue Ranch/Cat Temps is a group of individuals that found each other on the threads of Pets on Death Row.  Each one of us wanted to do more, so now "Together, we help save cats."